Power Outage

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Power Outage
Plot Run by Nat
Characters: All hotel residents.
NPCs: John Sublime
Dates run: October 1-4 2009.


[edit] Cast

All Paradise residents.

[edit] Summary

In a foolish move, Sublime had the power dampner taken by Remy LeBeau during the raid on the Church of Enlightenment activated, plunging anyone at the hotel into a powerless state. This lasted for three days, until the device burnt out.

Quick thinking by Jean Grey and Emma Frost ensured that Jono Starsmore did not die permanantly, sweeping him out of the hotel and to Jean-Paul Beaubier's hotel room. Rogue took advantage of the sudden freedom, using her lack of powers to go on a kissing spree around the hotel.

Scott Summers attempted to switch off the device within hours of it being activated, but was instead knocked unconscious by a jolt of electricity when he tried to touch it. Dicussions about the device and the wisdom of keeping it on hotel grounds erupted on the journals, various members of management and the tech team disagreeing about it.

Because of the side-effects of the power damperning, many residents spent a lot of time away from the hotel during the three days the device was active.

[edit] Logs

Power Outage

[edit] Trivia

This plot celebrated the first anniversary of the game.

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