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Walter Langkowski
Portrayed by Jason Segal
Powers: Able to transform into a massive creature.
Residence: Canada
Birthdate: April 23, 1990
Journal: ocanada
Player: Open for application


[edit] Details

Real Name: Walter Langkowski.

Aliases: Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Wally, Walt.

First Appearance: June 2008

Age: 18

Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Education: High school dropout; self taught like that Good Will Hunting doofus.

Occupation: Electrician's apprentience.

Kitu CRM iereuality: Heterokitu CRM iereual.

Relationship status: Single.

Past relationships: Dated Aurora Beaubier.

[edit] Powers

  • Shapeshifting

He can only move into one form, and it's wicked painful to do so. The form is that of a monster-- with orange fur, sharp teeth, red eyes. The face of this monster is a mix between a bear, a monkey, and a Persian cat. It's not Walter's face at all here, people. His bones rearrange; he sprouts long, coarse hair; he doesn't black out, remembering everything. Sometimes, the shift back is so painful, he does faint. Due to the pain and his monstrous appearance, Walter doesn't like to do this unless there are no other options.

Walter refers to this form as the "Sasquatch." He tries to distance himself from it, even going as far as pretending it's not him. He gets twitchy when asked what his mutation is, ducking around the question.

The Sasquatch form grants him:

  • Increased speed
  • Agility
  • Increased strength
  • Mild healing abilities. He has a healing ability that helps with the transformation. It's why it doesn't kill him to change forms. While Sasquatch, Walter can withstand a heck of a lot more than his human body could. By all means, he's not indestructible in his fuzzy form. Something big would have to take him out.

Once the transformation starts, Walter can't stop it. The only thing he can do is strip off his clothing and brace for the brunt of the rearranging. Walter hopes that one day he'll be able to stop and start the transformation on his own will. At the moment, Walter is able to trigger the shift, but with deep concentration. While he's Sasquatch, he's slightly stuck. He can concentrate, he can meditate, he can get knocked out-- but it doesn't always work to turn him back. It happens when his body wants it to happen, which is usually long after his mind would like it to happen.

[edit] Appearance

Height: 6' 5"

Hair: Light brown

Eye color: Brown

Build: A subtle mix between menacing and baby fat.

Distinguishing features: Has glasses due to myopia. They're thick, browline horned-rimmed glasses he's had for years. Scratched lenses, frames glued together.

Style: Nerdy. Wears anything that fits, is in good condition, and is clean, fashion isn't important to him. Wears a uniform for work and tends to forget to change out of it.

[edit] Personality

Walter isn't stupid. Walter doesn't hate you. Walter is just shy. He's painfully shy. He finds it easier to talk to people in the form of the written word. He leaves notes. Walter has his own secret stash of Post-It notes. He will email, he'll write letters. In person, he freezes up. With enough coaxing, you can get him to talk. Teasing or rudeness gets him to clam up even more. Walter's voice is quite deep, almost sounds like it hurts him to speak. He always sounds on the friendly side of monotone, with the tell-tale Canadian accent. His vowels are long. Like "aboot" and "sworry."

Walter wants people to like him. He'll hang around, waiting for his way in. A need for assistance, an interest in something he can talk to you about. Because if he knows the topic, he feels safe enough to ramble. He's very friendly, polite, handshakes and "ma'am"s and "sir"s.

Despite his shyness, Walter wears his heart on his sleeve. His face betrays him often. When happy, he's got a goofy smile. When emotionally distraught, he keeps himself busy so he doesn't go crazy. Busy with a book, taking apart a lamp or toaster. He's quick to anger but also quick to forget it. You'll probably be the last to know when Walter's angry with you, unless you egg him on. When angry and prodded, Walter tends to get a little violent. He's trying to get this into a (forgive the phrasing) a chokehold, he doesn't like feeling like he has no control, doesn't like the feeling of <i>wanting</i> to change, wanting to destroy and hurt. Hence why he forgets it to quickly. Though, counting to ten doesn't always work...

To friends, Walter is annoying loyal. He follows like a puppy dog, defends them to the death even if he thinks they may be wrong, gives out bear hugs.

In his spare time, Walter likes to watch the stars. He can name all the constellations, knows the best times to see certain planets. He also loves sports, mostly hockey (to watch) and football (to play). He's also seen every episode of the original Star Trek and Mystery Science Theater 3000. That's not really useful, but it's what makes him happy.

[edit] History

Walter was born to Ana and Dobry Langkowski in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Walter's father is an astrophysicist and works for the Canadian government. This had the family moving a few times, to Toronto and then Windsor. When Walter was thirteen, Dr. and Mrs. Langkowski decided to get a divorce. The divorce was a bit of a shock to everyone involved besides the couple. Walter didn't like it, of course, but eventually adjusted. Ana got full custody, moved herself and Walter across the border into Michigan. They settled in Detroit with her sister.

While his mother secured a job, Walter would go back and forth between his aunt's apartment in Hamtramck and his grandparents house in the suburbs. While staying at his grandparents, Walter woke up in the woods after a strange dream of being a monster. This started to happen a lot more, and Walter found out they weren't dreams. Scared of living in the city with this strange affliction, Walter ran away. He had to. This other form was a gift or a curse. Unable to figure that out just yet, he knew it was his responsibility to stay away from people.

Over the next few years, Walter traveled back up through Canada. Through Ontario and the Saskatchewan, through Alberta, back to his birthplace in British Columbia. Keeping odd jobs here and there, transformations into Sasquatch causing him to uproot and keep moving. Sasquatch sightings were on the rise in Canada. Walter started to move south to reach California.

He was met halfway by a group from Paradise hotel. It's not as if Walter was being too sneaky, what with the Bigfoot sightings in California at a all-time high.

While at the hotel, Walter became close friends with both Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie/Aurora Beaubier. He began to date Aurora, and was extremely uncomfortable to later learn that her brother had a crush on him. They Did Not Speak Of It after that. A friend of Walter's from Canada, Madison Jeffries joined him at the hotel, and the two of them were instrumental in the rebuilding of the hotel after the earthquake that nearly destroyed the place. Walter and Madison have recently left the hotel after it was discovered that Aurora was cheating on him. What the two boys are up to is unknown, but it is presumed they are road tripping around their home country.

[edit] Trivia

  • Walter does not have the ability to speak to fish. Nor does he eat kittens.
  • Polish-American Jewish. Non-practicing Jewish, at least.
  • Prefers Kirk to Picard. Yes, you need to know this.

[edit] Plots

Goodbye Santa Monica


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