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Welcome to the Mutant Haven Wiki,
the encyclopedia for the AU X-Men game hosted on InsaneJournal.
190 articles.
Mutant Haven is an AU x-men game, set in Santa Monica, California. Mutants are unknown entities, widely considered urban legends to those who haven't had personal interaction with those showing their powers. There is little media coverage about them. Websites exist for those who think they know something, and a mutant lucky enough to stumble across the right ones might even find themselves in contact with other mutants.
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Getting started

  • Create your character page by searching for your character's name (first and surname, no matter what your character is called in game).
  • Copy and paste this into the page (make sure you hit the wikitext button, don't use the WYSIWYG)
  • Fill in all the info
  • Upload an image


Ask Zo, Julie, or Nat really nicely if they'll do it for you.
Player guide

Before you join

  • See what characters are taken
  • Read up about the various places
  • Glance over the history of the game
  • Take a look at what is happening now

Joining the game

Once you've joined

  • Set up your character journal
  • Join mutanthaven and theooccomm
  • Introduce yourself on the ooc comm
  • Claim a room
  • Set up your character wiki (or ask for help!)
  • Have fun!

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